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Sensotech provides comprehensive planning, testing and management for industry leaders in space, on land and at sea. Our Load Cells and Force Sensors are specifically built for your application and are technologically advanced. We offer load cells, strain gauges, weigh modules, sensors, indicators, load cell accessories and the custom product you need.

We are supplying our products for Medical Applications, Neonatal, Health Care, Food & Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Marine, Aviation, Textile & Paper, Military, Mines & Petro Chemical, Rail & Road Weigh Bridge, Poultry Equipment, Steel & Cement Industries & Chemical Industrial Applications.

Our goal is to assist businesses in improving their force and torque measurements in order to increase the accuracy of the end product. We serve our clients first and work with companies of all sizes to improve their measurements. We are always on the hunt for creative problem solvers who are eager to plan and develop new ideas.

Load Cell Sensors

Sensomatic promoted by Sensotech, one of the best & leading Load cell manufacturers in India. Sensotech Incorporated in 2004, at Chennai, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company & Certified by UKAS & SGS.

Why Us?

  • Innovative & unique designs
  • On-time delivery schedule
  • The well-equipped R&D department
  • Capacious warehousing & packaging facility
  • Managed by experienced professionals
  • Customized products

  • Competitive Price
Sensomatic, incorporated in the year 2004 at Phursungi, Maharashtra has 17 years of experience in the manufacture of strain gauge load cells. These are force transducers that convert the mechanical force acting on it into electrical parameters.
Sensotech is one of the best Load cell manufacturers in India to supplying rugged and robust construction along with outstanding reliability and long-term stability load cells. Our load cells have the ability to measure objects as small as a needle to as large as large drilling machines.
One of the most popular weighing-measurement devices is the load cell. From the store to the hospital, load cells can be found practically anywhere. The requirement of load cell is not limited to any particular industry or application.
Sensotech continues to manufacture Customized load cells. These measurement tools are fit to the product's specific needs, ensuring that they are as accurate as possible.
We collaborate closely with our delivery and partner organizations to consistently generate innovative and maintainable solutions that benefit the end client.

Our Products

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Please contact Sensotech to discuss your load cell needs in any application. We have the experience and knowledge of applications to provide expert advice on the best option for you.

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